Happyy Holidays!

Hey Everyone!
We just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a great winter break! We hope you had an amazing Christmas! The team is now on a small break, but we're all still planning and having work days whenever we can. Updating the blog has not been as often as we wish because we have all been veryyy busy working on the cars and planning for the race in July. We will soon post pictures for you guys to see all the process we have made!
Well, we all hope you have a happy new year, and enjoy your holiday season!

Here are some updates:
-Solar Knight II is slowly coming together for the race
-The McGill car is coming together as well
-Mr. Phipps had the honor to go to Washington D.C. to receive his presidential award for being an awesome teacher, and had the chance to meet OBAMA! :) He had a blast!
-We will soon get back to work on welding the interior frame for SKIII
-The battery box for SKIII is currently being made by the battery team
-We cant wait for the summer, it's getting pretty cold here in Florida!

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HEY everyone!
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HEY everyone!
It's been a while since we've posted anything.
We've been very busy with the new year and getting everything started.
We have decided on captains for the year and we are looking forward to all of the plans we have in store for the team
The official overall captain willll be.... DRUM ROLLLLL!
he is a senior at SPHS and it's his second year being a Solar Knight.

We will have 3 co-captains which will be: Valeria Saetta, Evan Sadlon and Jessica Millar.
They are all committed to work very hard this year. So far, most have stayed after school every day calling it 8th period to do solar work. All of our hard work will hopefully pay off during the summer of 2011.
YAY we can't wait!

And the winners are....


1st Place: Dudley Miles
2nd Place: Franklin Sands
3rd Place: Merrill Lynch

Race Finale


We've been home for a little bit under a week. We're happy to say that we came in 2nd Place in the Classic Division of the Hunt Winston School Solar Car Challenge. We want to thank everyone that supported us throughout the race, all the towns we went through, and the wonderful organizers of the race. It was an awesome experience!



We've been having problems with uploading videos and pictures to the blog. We're so sorry about it.

On a better note, we won day 3 in our division and are currently in 3rd place overall. The results are posted daily on the Hunt Winston Solar Car Challenge website. There's also pictures being posted.

Please remember to check the twitter. We're updating that fairly quickly. The name is SolarKnightsGo.

Wish us luck,
Solar Knights

Finally having time to post!


We're so sorry that there hasn't been any blog updates in the last few days. We've been really busy racing and getting everything ready for the next day of racing. Today is our rest day so it gave us some time to update the blog. Well to catch you up, we won the second day of racing. We're third overall in the whole race! It's been incredibly fun and we've met so many people. I'm going to be making a post with pictures soon so keep checking up.

Well wish us luck,
Solar Knights

Break Test

Pictures from the Last Few Days

Here are some pictures of the past few days. From the car ride into Texas to the opening banquet and even Sonic! Enjoy

Follow us on twitter!

Hey, we've set up a twitter account so you can see what we're up to. Its called SolarKnightsGo.

We've arrived!


We arrived in Fort Worth around 7 pm central time. Some teams were already here. Tomorrow's registration and first day of scrutineering. We can't wait to start this race! It's gonna be awesome. We'll post picture tomorrow. We didn't really do much today. We had 12 hours of uneventful driving. The video blog is coming soon.

Wish us luck,
Solar Knights

Video Blog 1

First Day Recap


So we're all sitting around now doing our individual tasks. We're going to act as if tomorrow is an actual day of racing so we're all getting our responsibilities in order. We had a pretty good day, minus the minor difficulty we experienced when we noticed that one of the tires in the van was bulging. We changed the tire in 20 minutes and got back on the road. We had a good dinner, including some riddles that challenged our minds. Here are some pictures of the day:

On the road!

Texas here we come! We departed this morning at 5:45. We had lunch in Gainesville, Jason and Daniella's new home. We're currently on I-10 heading towards Tallahassee. We plan on reaching Mobile, Al around 5 this afternoon. Pictures and a video will be posted later.

Wish us luck,
Solar Knights

Cross-Country Trip: T-1 Day!


We're all currently packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow morning. We'll be traveling to Mobile, AL on the first day. We're all really excited and ready to go!

Wish us luck,
Solar Knights!

We had a very busy day!


We're working very hard on our car. Yesterday, we worked all day and then had a parent meeting. We're only two weeks away! The array is almost done and now we're working on the auxilliary wiring. We'll be road testing in the Everglades next Tuesday.

Here are some pictures:

Our to-do list!

Our new cells!

Valeria being our DJ on grooveshark!

Evan mastering the Dremel!

Ben cutting with the Hack Saw!

Mr. Phipps talking with all of our parents!



We've been named one of the "7 Awesome Solar-Powered Vehicles" in an articled posted on Treehugger.com.

Here's the link: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/06/7-awesome-solar-powered-vehicles.php

We're NUMBER 3!

Catching Up


So these past few weeks we've been working on two things: The BIG Raffle and the NEW Array.
We're mailing out information about our big raffle and there's also information here on the blog and on our websites. Please help us with our race expenses.
Our new array is mounted and wired. It's awesome! Totally glassless. So much lighter than our old cells.

Here are some pictures:

We even had to take some letters home with us...

Successful Spaghetti Dinner


Our spaghetti dinner went great last week! We had a good showing, a successful raffle, and we ever auctioned off some donated items. We want to thank everyone that came out to support us, Mr. D's for donating the food, and Dr. Culpepper for letting us use to Magnet Amphitheater.

Here are some pictures of the event:


Hurricane Girl Fundraiser!


Here are a few pictures of the fundraiser at Hurricane Grill:

Valeria making posters!

Ben holding the sign

Everyone in front of Hurricane Grill

Today is the Senior Symposium!

Today is the senior symposium. We're all presenting our senior research projects. Our hard work is finally being judged.

Wish us luck,
The Solar Knights

Water Matters Day: March 13, 2010

Thank you everyone that came out and donated. We greatly appreciate it. We wouldn't be anything without such a helpful community!

Here are some pictures:

This past week...

We had our monthly parent meeting. It went very well. Rob from AGT also came in to speak to us about his commitment. We all expressed how thankful we are. He's helped us out tremendously, WE LOVE ADVANCED GREEN TECHNOLOGIES!

Brayan also came in to visit us on Friday!