New School Yearrr

Hiya :), I'm Natalie and I've officially been made secretary of Solar and also been put in charge of the team's blog for the 2011-2012 school year. Already meetings (horribly disorganized without Jessica Millar apparently) have begun as a way of recruiting new members.  So far, mostly what the club is all about have been discussed and how in order to handle particular power tools, a certification will be needed first. Luis, David, and Josh all did a great job in doing this and also showed new members first-hand the inside of the solar knight III, explaining all the things they were hoping to fix about it. Hopefully, everything turns out great this year and that we're able to raise enough money for the Texas race during the summer.

Um, I had to change the email address when I was trying to access this blog. I'll change it back whenever~