Cow Chip Bingo!

Junior Achievement hosted an event called Cow Chip Bingo on April 10th.
We were invited to display Solar Knight III at the event filled with bounce houses, food, prizes and much more.
The Cow Chip Bingo fundraiser was centered around a cow "dropping it's chip" in a plot of land. The land was divided and each deed was sold for $20. A prize of $2500 was awarded to the owner of the plot where the cow "dropped it's chip" and some of the surrounding plots were awarded smaller prizes.
In the end, the cow dropped its chip in the section 62FF, which was very close to some of our very own deeds. :)
We had a great time at the event! Thank you junior Achievement!

Solar Day!

Today Ben, Valeria, and Evan took a fieldtrip to Junior Achievement to present Solar Knight III to a group of potential corporate sponsors. We were invited by Rob from AGT and had the amazing opportunity to share the work in progress. After displaying the car, we recieved a delicious breakfast provided by Junior Achievement. Thank You Rob and Junior Achivement!
We later met up with Kiwanis Club members for lunch at Duffy's. We showed off the car, ate lunch with the club, and discussed with the group about our amazing program. Thank You Kiwanis Club!
Now we are back at school working on the cars wooo!!
At 7 tonight we are having a parent meeting to discuss the race, who is planning on attending, and what we have to do to be as ready as can be.
Below are a few pictures of our Solar-filled day!