great day racing!

Hello everyone,

We started off today with a trophy. We won the 4th session. The 5th session was driven by Jhon. He did a really good job. We'll be waiting for the official results tomorrow morning.

The 6th session is being driven by Jason. Its been a very hectic session but everything is fine and we're in great standings.

As of session 5's unofficial standings, the solar knights are 2 laps ahead of Houston, Mississippi's sundancer 2 for the lead.

Solar knights

P.S. Pictures will be posted later tonight

2nd day racing pics

Hey guys it's Vincent again. I've got some more pictures for you of our second day of racing.

Jason gets ready to start the first session of day two.
Our pit crew, they are the best at the track.

Brian had to call the car into the pit to attach a support rod that shook loose.

Here we pass the walnut team.

Here we pass the New York car, they are in the demo category.

First day results


The official results are in. In the first session we came in 2nd place. In the second session, we tied for 1st place with Houston Mississippi.

We got a trophy!

Now on to today. We'll start with Jason again because of his experience. We're going to start out easy and take care of our own race.

Wish us luck,

Solar Knights

first day racing!


We're currently racing right now. Jason is doing a great job and we've been running a steady race. The sun is shining real bright!

We've had some exciting moments which we've caught on camera. We'll be posting those later tonight.

The team members are currently timing. We're all under the tent and we're watching each other for heat exhaustion. Don't worry, we're all fine.

Brayan got interview on live Dallas TV this morning right before we began.

Daniella will be driving in the second session.

Wish us luck,
Solar Knights

Pictures Final set

Brayan does a quick weld to keep our new front panel from sagging.

Me (Vincent) the photographer
Nikhil and Jonas rest in their chairs after a hot day of setting up.
Jhon looks up the motor controller manual.
Michelle and Arianne tape up loose wires.
Marlon and Chaz check the SK II for any dings or dents.

Thats all untill tomorrow. We would like to thank everybody for all of their help and support in getting us to Texas. Please wish us luck for tomorrow and the following racing days.

-SPHS Solar Knights Racing Team-

Pictures set 2

For the fire test the judges yell at the driver, "GET OUT OF THE CAR! HURRY UP YOUR CAR'S ON FIRE". From that point the driver has 15 seconds to bring the car to a stop, unbuckle their 5-point harness, turn off the panels and motor, and exit the car.

Jason the video man.
In the above picture you can see the safety officer (in the vest) inserting a rubber wheel chock under the front tire during the fire test to prevent the car from rolling back while the driver gets out.
Here we help push (and pull) the Solar Knight to our garage after the braking test. We pull (and push) the car to save battery power for the race.
David takes a battery from the van to put into the SK II.

I'll have the last set of pictures for today in the next post.

Pictures of the Solar Knights in ACTION!



Brayan doing the braking test. He passes with 2.53 sec @ 22mph.


I will have more pictures of the rest of the team in a few

arriving at the track

Hello again,

The track is ready for us! We have arrived and we've set up out garage area. Everything is organized and we're starting scrutineering again. We'll hopefully have some pictures ready by tonight.

Solar knights

P.s. Pictures will also be uploaded daily onto the dell Winston solar car challenge website.



Registration went very well today. We drew lucky number 1, meaning we will start first on Tuesday. Everyone is really nice here!

Scrutineering went well. We need to make some minor changes for tomorrow, where we will finish the process. Wish us good luck,

Solar knights


Hey all you Solar cool cats out there,

We have arrived. The flights were long so we passed the time playing Apples To Apples with new friends we made on the plane. The van arrived around 6 and we went out to dinner at a local hot spot. Speaking of hot, Texas is pretty caliente, but also very sunny, which makes for a perfect solar race. Amid the running wild rabbits, in natural habitat, the hotel stands with beauty and grace. We have witnessed a wedding and we feel the luck shining upon us.

But anyway, back to the solar stuff, we are charging and getting ready for registration. We will go at noon today and begin scrutineering at 1. The race begins on Tuesday at 9 A.M. Our responsibilities have been set and we're ready to go!

Wish us luck and we'll keep you posted about our standings.

Solar Knights
Daniella, Jason, Jhon, ect.

Practice, Practice, Practice

We practiced today on our school track and got some data together. Tomorrow, we will be practicing down at Everglades National Park. Hopefully, the sun will be out bright and early so we can charge up our batteries. We'll keep you posted!


We will communicate our standings at the Dell Winston Solar Car Challenge through this blog. We will leave on Saturday. Race starts on Tuesday. Wish us luck!