Packing for Texas

The team is set! Today is our last work day before we head towards Texas. We're packing all of our bags, tools, and everything else needed for the race. We just recieved our sponsor logos and are adhering them today before we load up the car in the trailer!
Friday morning we will be pulling out of Plantation, Florida and we will spend the night at Mobile, Alabama. And on Saturday morning we will drive to Ft. Worth ready for check-in and scrutineering on Sunday. :)
We would also like to wish all the other solarcar teams a safe trip to Ft.Worth and good luck racing! We can't wait to see everyone there! :)

Ben preping the sides to adhere the logos.

David packing things into crates.

Evan packing tables in the van

Jessica getting all of the ropes and bungies together.

Josh getting the tool box ready to take to Texas.