Clean Cities Coalition

Due to the exposure and contacts we gained at the Florida Energy Summit, Chris Heshmati of the SECCC invited us to this expo which we were able to attend today. This was another great opportunity for PR and networking. We meet with local officials such as Patrick Sheehan, The Sun Sentinel, Beacon TV, and Channel 10.

South Florida Construction Career Days

Today we went on a fieldtrip to Bergeron Rodeo Grounds. We participated in mock job interviews and operated heavy equipment. We were also able to see how engineering and the instruction industry go together. 

Florida Energy Summit

This year the Florida Energy Summit was held in Orlando and some of our members had the chance to attend. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet and network with industry leaders in the alternative fuel industry. SKIII was showcased in an outdoor exhibit with vehicles such as the Chevy Volt, and Telsa.

Bombardier Fieldtrip

Today we had an awesome fieldtrip to Bombardier Areo with SKIII. Our club members shared their knowledge with the Bombardier Areo engineers and they shared their experience and skills. Soon after everyone was tossing around ideas that would make great modifications to the car. Later went on a tour of the facility and got to see what goes on behind the scenes.