Hey all you Solar cool cats out there,

We have arrived. The flights were long so we passed the time playing Apples To Apples with new friends we made on the plane. The van arrived around 6 and we went out to dinner at a local hot spot. Speaking of hot, Texas is pretty caliente, but also very sunny, which makes for a perfect solar race. Amid the running wild rabbits, in natural habitat, the hotel stands with beauty and grace. We have witnessed a wedding and we feel the luck shining upon us.

But anyway, back to the solar stuff, we are charging and getting ready for registration. We will go at noon today and begin scrutineering at 1. The race begins on Tuesday at 9 A.M. Our responsibilities have been set and we're ready to go!

Wish us luck and we'll keep you posted about our standings.

Solar Knights
Daniella, Jason, Jhon, ect.