It has been a very hectic month for the Solar Knights!
We have all been working very hard to make as much progress as we can on the cars, as well as raise all of the funds we need to race. We have also participated in as many outreach events as we can and have raised over $1000! But unfortunately, we are still in desperate need for much more to cover race expenses.
Today, we met with out major corporate sponsor, Rob K. from AGT, along with Lisa and Kathy who help organized the Winterfest Parade annually. They have given us great advice for fundraising and marketing our program to raise all of the funds needed. We greatly appreciate all of their support so far!
On Saturday afternoon the team will be at the Sam's Club Bloc Party to raise money and present our new car to our community!
Please come out to support and tell all of your friends and family to come as well!
Thank you everyone who has helped us so far!
We will have new pictures up soon!