Quick note: re-focus and fun

I've think I have finally come down from the natural high of finding and incorporating Dan Meyer's 3 Act lesson format. I'm addicted and plan on using parts of my summer to compose more valuable lessons for my students. I love it! However, I love many other things in life and I feel like I might have lost focus on a few of those elements that make my life so grand. It's time to re-focus. Allocate my time better. Watch this video:

Benga-I Will Never Change, although it might appear random, sums up where I currently am. Yes, it could be edited to use as a 3Act lesson. Yes, it could be used as an estimation question for my students... yes it could be used for something mathematical. Lately, my brain has been so heavily trained and geared toward finding that math moment, math media, and math invitation that I've lost focus of some other things.
This video is just fun!

It emulates a Soundcloud wave form. It's great to see the peaks and valleys. It's great to just sit back and enjoy. I appreciate it from an artist's standpoint: the staging, the filming, the editing, the overall production time. It's just fun to watch.

As the end of the school year approaches, this is a great opportunity to allocate my time more efficiently so that I can better contribute to my family, friends, students, community, online colleagues, and world. I have met many resourceful people such as @fawnpnguyen, @nathankraft1, @wahedahbug, and many others on Twitter and have the pleasure to call you online colleagues and friends. I even look forward to meeting many of you one day. I was fortunate enough to meet Karim from Mathalicious.com while I was in DC last week with my 8th graders. He talked about his week off and shared some amazing experiences. He hadn't had a break in close to two years since starting up Mathalicious. That's incredible! He needed an opportunity to recharge his battery. I hear ya brotha!

This online community of math brains has been a blessing. I plan to contribute, share, take, and participate in a meaningful way that is both beneficial and fun. Does this sound reasonable? Am I on to something here? Am I on point?

Want another fun video... check this guy out! Diego Stocco is the man with sounds. Is there math involved? Absolutely. Is it fun? I think so.

I'm out,