Estimation180 site

Its official: I've launched

The Google doc was a temporary holding place for my daily estimation challenges. I'm proud to announce that I will be updating my daily estimation challenges through this site. The site is way more interactive than a Google doc spreadsheet... and quite possibly, more fun too. You can make estimates, share your reasoning, see how others estimate, and more.

The goals of the site:
  1. Document my daily estimation challenges.
  2. Create opportunities for teachers & students to build number sense together.
  3. Share!
What you can do:
  1. Click on a picture.
  2. Read the question.
  3. Look for context clues.
  4. Make an estimate.
  5. Tell us how confident you are.
  6. Share your reasoning (what context clues did you use?).
  7. See the answer.
  8. See the estimates of others.
The most important part is step #6. It's so valuable to a classroom when students share their logic or use of context clues when formulating an estimate. After you make an estimate, feel free to give us a brief description.

I've posted the first 15 days and will continue to update the site. Go do some estimating, build some number sense with your students and throw me some feedback if you find any glitches or ways to improve it. I want to sincerely thank Fawn Nguyen, Nathan Kraft, Chris Robinson, Michael Pershan, Dan Meyer, and Steve Leinwand for any help, inspiration, and/or feedback you've given me regarding You all are amazing!

Happy estimating!