Weekly Update Numero Uno

Hello everyone! It's time for the Solar Knights' weekly update for all of our dedicated fans and followers.

   We are making progress on Solar Knights 3. In the past week, Josh has touched up and fixed some of the wiring that was done on the car two years ago. At the same time, Matt has gone through every solar cell on the array and is busy making a detailed wiring diagram of it. Fernando has even looked into anything that could be fixed up on the bottom of the car!

Fernando checking the bottom of the car
Luis working on the motor controller's wiring
Our new recruits looking over our many documents on Google Docs
   Other important news, there is now a second solar car team in South Florida! Western High School has decided to join in the alternative energy challenge and build their own solar car.
   On Wednesday, the team payed the Solar Knights a visit to talk with us about how to properly build and wire a solar car. We started by showing them Solar Knight I & III then took them on a little journey to see Solar Knight II, which is resting peacefully in our team's trailer.
   Pictures of Western's visit are soon to come, so be on the look-out.

Be sure to come back next week to see our next weekly update and check on our progress! :)