Corporate Thank You

At this time of the year, the Solar Knights would like to take the time to thank everybody who has donated to help out our dream of building and racing the Solar Knight III and Solar Knight I on the Solar Car Challenge cross country race to Los Angeles, California.

We would like to thank our major corporate sponsors, especially FPL, Bentley Systems Inc. & the Bentley Collaborators, Waste Management. These corporations have helped the Solar Knights not only raise money to accomplish our goals, but to also spread the word about the club and what we are all about.
They have helped get the word out about our club to some other top name companies that are now interested in helping an alternative energy club like ours.

Once again, thank you to FPL, Bentley Systems Inc. & the Bentley CollaboratorsWaste Management. as well as all of our donors and sponsors. We could not accomplish everything we do without your help.