Bottomless Mug

I found this glorious sign a few weeks back at Bruegger's Bagels and ended this post with saying I'll work it into a 3 Act.

As promised, here is the 3 Act lesson.

Act 1: My question: How much money could you actually save?
Other popular questions can be found at I like getting to that initial question because many of the others will be answered along the way.

Act 2 info would look like this for my area, but the cost of a medium sized cup of Bruegger's coffee might be different in your area (for a limited time, of course). Check their website.

Now you know the cost of the mug, but I find the 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days per week (the rate where you live next door) very intriguing. In solving this one, my natural tendency was to round that cup to $1.90. Be careful, that difference could buy you a bagel or two. Anyway, have fun with this one. My wife and I just celebrated the birth of our daughter on New Year's Eve day. I don't drink coffee, but I do enjoy iced tea and this Bottomless Mug Club is starting to look rather appealing now.

Personally, I like the sequel tasks more than the original task. Sequel tasks include:

  • On what day in 2013 would you break even if you get coffee 3 days/week, 5 days/week, everyday?
  • When would be the last day to buy the mug and still save at least $1.89?
  • What could be the prorated price of the mug if bought in January? February? March?... 

Have a sequel to add? Toss it in the comments.

Happy 2013,