Our Newest Silver Sponsor

   The Solar Knights are extremely grateful for all of our sponsors that help aid our effort to compete every year in the Solar Car Challenge. Everything we do, could not be accomplished without the help (whether it be money, resources, or knowledge) of our sponsors.
   At this time, the Solar Knights would like to extend a special thank you to one of our most faithful sponsors: Hypower Inc.
   Hypower Inc. is an energy company, working to further alternative energy resources in this country. They have taken a special interest in our solar car because they believe in the future of solar power and using more conventionally, like in cars.
   For more information about Hypower Inc. the entire Solar Knights Racing Team encourages you to visit the Hypower Inc. web page.

   Once again, we would like to thank Hypower Inc. and all of our sponsors for your help, thus far, this year.