Being the Answer Key (or not)

After reading through the Pimm Quotes that Dan selected, some type of bittersweet emotion about teachers being the answer key was rekindled within me. I left a few comments/questions and I appreciate Dan's timely and thoughtful responses.

For the following questions, I'll define "yourself" to include you, your students, and your classroom culture.

  • Where would you place yourself today?
  • Where would you place yourself at the beginning of this year?
  • Where would you place yourself last year? 
  • Where would you place yourself during your first year?
  • Where would you like to be placed at the end of this year? 
  • Where would you like to be next year?

*I'll share mine at the end.

There's way more to talk about here. I did not fully capture the essence of Pimm's quote, Dan's response, nor my own thoughts. I just wanted to toss this around as is.

I challenge you to blog about this too.

  • Reflect. 
  • Label your axes how you want. 
  • Should it just be two axes? 
  • Either way, create/add some type of visual.
Stadel this school year:

Stadel last school year (I went overboard and it was not enjoyable for anyone.):
AVOID quadrant IV

Stadel in the past (pre #MTBoS):

Stadel as a rookie:

Answer key,