Solar Saves Us

Today everyone got in here bright and early, we were all ready to complete out takes for the day when the power at school went out. So us being the engineering minds we are decided to make a solar power station for our tools using the solar panel attached to our Go-Kart. It worked great and we were able to use our tools and continue with our normal activities.

Today after testing many different application methods we finally taught we had a solution to our problem without the use silicone by instead using smart stick mats but then we realized that the de-greaser, all the other chemicals and silicone residue left a film on the car so no cells would stick to them.
 So we decided to take the top part of the car outside and  soaked rags in vinegar and put them on the car for awhile to remove the film. Then we proceeded to wash the car down using water and dawn. After we dried it using microfiber clothes.

Brandon, Takoda and Jasen continued to create the canopy with their new design.
Matt, Dylan and Paul continued to work on internal issues with the motor and motor controller.