Day 3: First Day of Scrutineering!

In line for scrutineering
 At the tilt station. We had to tilt our car 20 degrees to each side.

 Ben working on the a-arms
 Our working station in the hotel parking lot.
 Luis doing the turn radius test.
 The whole team at the banquet.
 Picking up one of the chaperones, Jim.
Jessica and Evan being weird! lol

Today was a veryyy long and hot day here in Ft. Worth, Texas! We woke up very early to make sure our car was ready for all of the safety tests we have to pass to be able to compete. At 8 o'clock we were lines up in the parking lot along with the other 15 teams to make sure were all ready for the race. After several hours of being out in the hot sun with very little shade we completed most of the stations and made the necessary repairs to pass all but one of the safety tests (which will be tomorrow on the Texas Motor Speedway). All of our drivers except for Valeria have passed the drivers test, and tomorrow we will adjust the pedals to have her certified to drive.
Tonight was also the openning banquet! We had great Mexican food and each team captain had a chance to introduce all of their team members. Take a look at some of the pictures of our day.
Tomorrow is the last bit of scrutineering and the first day of racing! Were very excited about seeing all the other teams on the track and also see how well our team does the first day. Wish us luck!