Days 4 & 5: Racinggggg

For the past few days things have not been going well for the Solar Knights. On day 4 we began well by passing all of the scrutineering stations and becoming an official participanting team. It all went downhill 30 minutes before the beginning of the first session of racing at the texas Motor Speedway. We started to have some problems but werent able to pin-point the casue until after the session was complete.
On day 5 we woke up bright and early and ready to begin racing. We did awesome!!!! We were passing and going high speeds until we realized there was something wrong with the car again. We had to pull back into the garage area this afternoon to find the problem and came to the comclusion that there was a bad connection from the batteries to the motor. We were abale to get back on the track a few time after that but things were just not working well from the time on.
We were able to complete 49 laps total in the two hours we were on the track so we are very proud of our accomplishments! :) (check for the offical results of the race)
Once the day of racing  was over we participated in a parade in the city of Roenoke, TX. We all enjoyed seeing the publics reaction to our "spaceship".
Unfortunately there have been some problems with the blog camera, so we are unable to upload any new pictures from the last few days of racing.
We'll keep you posted!